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Increase Value, Proof Your Ads!

Happy New Year! Thus far 2020 is bringing great promise, and for that I am eternally grateful. I am also grateful for a sharp design eye.

One thing in particular caught my attention this morning on my commute, it stopped me mid-sentence actually. I was stuck behind a city bus and couldn't help but notice grammatical and punctuation errors on a very large ad. (I'll withhold the company name for the sake of privacy and legal repercussions.) I'm no whiz at grammar, in fact, its not my strongest suit, but this was a little baffling.

Grammar and punctuation should be held in high regard when it comes to design and content creation. I am a firm believer of this. Whenever a company leaves their stamp on a piece of collateral (digital or otherwise) whether its a bug, logo, or url, it's technically your stamp of approval. This is important folks! This is your brand, your voice and your dollars at work! Let those dollars work for you, and please please please, splurge a few dollars on a copy editor, it will make commutes a little more tolerable and a little less cringe-worthy for folks who are paying attention!

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